Diakhaby Maintains Racist Slur Claim After La Liga Says No Evidence

Valencia’s Mouctar Diakhaby said on Monday he will continue with his case of being racially manhandled regardless of La Liga demanding there was no proof.성인사진

The French player said he trusted the Spanish football league, which has the last say, would demonstrate him directly absurd that has gotten far reaching inclusion in Spain.

“The test is progressing,” Diakhaby disclosed to French radio broadcast RMC.

“Juan Cala has not been cleared at this point,” he said of the player he asserts mishandled him.

An enraged Diakhaby strolled off the field in the wake of being associated with a warmed trade with Cala and guaranteed the Spanish player had utilized a bigoted slur towards him in the principal half of the game in Cadiz last Sunday.

Valencia’s players left the contribute fortitude with Diakhaby, turning into the main first class Spanish group to make such a dissent.

The players later got back to continue the match, with the club asserting they were told they would be rebuffed on the off chance that they wouldn’t return.

“We actually need to go under the steady gaze of the Federation’s adjudicator,” Diakhaby said Monday.

“La Liga said they don’t discovered anything, however the Federation is investigating it.”

“I feel La Liga needed to secure the picture of Spanish football,” he said.

La Liga said it utilized an outside organization to investigate TV pictures, sound chronicles and material from online media.

Spanish radio broadcast Cope said mouthpieces got Cala telling Diakhaby “Damn it, let me be”, at that point saying ‘sorry’ by saying: “Sorry, don’t blow up.”

In any case, it announced that specialists had discovered no proof that Cala had utilized bigoted language.

Diakhaby, a 24-year-old previous Lyon player who has been at Valencia since 2018, said via online media that he had been racially offended, adding: “That is unfortunate, I can’t permit that and you have all seen my response.”

Cala, a 31-year-old safeguard demands he has been a casualty of a “carnival” and a “witch-chase” and he was “astounded and humiliated” when Valencia left the pitch.

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