BTS: V Builds Anticipation For His Mixtape With A New Song On Twitter

On April 20, V set social media aflame when he posted a song on BTS’ shared Twitter account. The video clip is nearly two minutes long and features a black screen while a recording of the song plays.무료야동

With subtle instrumentals and V’s rich voice, the song encompasses V’s trademark warmth and comfort. V captioned the tweet “sleep,” making the song appear even more like a lullaby.

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This is not the first time V has teased a solo release on Twitter. In July 2020, V posted a black-and-white video clip on Twitter with an untitled song playing in the background. A few hours after posting this sneak peek, V deleted the tweet.What BTS fans think of V’s new song

Until V’s mixtape has an official title, BTS fans have been calling the mixtape “KTH1,” a reference to the singer’s name, Kim Tae-hyung. After V released the new song on April 20, “KTH1” began to trend on Twitter as fans discussed the song and their excitement for V’s mixtape.

“Not him saying my mixtape is not dropping this year’ ALL MEN DO IS LIE but oh my KTH1 is coming if this is a snippet of what we are going to get , then wow its good ,i can’t wait,” a Reddit user wrote.

One fan wrote on Reddit, “This is just so quintessentially Tae. His voice is just perfect for the kind of music he makes. It’s so comforting and unbelievably warm. God I hope this means KTH1 is dropping soon because otherwise this is just so cruel!”

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“I love this, not just because I love BTS. But based on its merit. I think this is a really good direction for him musically. The stripped back accompaniment, the more traditional instrumentals, the old-timey vibe…it really lets his voice and his musicality shine,” another fan wrote on Reddit.V is working on a mixtape

On Feb. 27, the members of BTS posted a behind-the-scenes video called “BE-hind Story.” For the special video, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook interviewed each other about their experience making their 2020 album BE and their upcoming music plans.

Suga interviewed V, and at the beginning of the interview, the two BTS members discussed V’s upcoming mixtape.

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“I worked on 13 tracks, but I need to choose eight tracks from that, and I don’t have a title track yet,” V told Suga.

Later in the interview, V shared that he feels “motivated” when fans like his music, and he wants to release his mixtape soon.

“My mixtape was postponed to a later date than scheduled,” V said. “I had the thought that I wanted to release it when I could say, ‘It’s good.’ So when I finally reach that point one day I’ll present it to our ARMY as soon as possible.”

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