The Weeknd And Ariana Grande Drop Wildly Animated ‘Save Your Tears’ Video

As prodded recently, the Weeknd has dropped a remix and video of “Save Your Tears,” one of the champion tracks from his blockbuster “Twilight” collection, including Ariana Grande.성인사진

The video is an eye-popping and strange vivified treatment with renderings of the two specialists that was coordinated by Jack Brown and created by Blinkink. The video plays into the “Nightfall” topic and storyline — we see the red-jacketed character, there’s additionally the repetitive component of beheading — yet is a greater amount of an ad lib on it than an improvement of the storyline (as should be obvious, at any rate).

The cooperation checks in any event the third time the Weeknd and Grande have cooperated, already on his 2014 tune “Love Me Harder” — which additionally denoted his first coordinated effort with Max Martin, the best lyricist maker of the previous 25 years — and her track “Off the Table.”

Indeed, even before this remix, “Save Your Tears” was quite possibly the best melodies from perhaps the best collections of the previous decade: It is guaranteed twofold platinum and has outperformed 1 billion streams.

It likewise proceeds with a hot streak for the Weeknd that started back in November of 2019 with the arrival of the main melodies from “Night-time,” “Coldblooded” and “Blinding Lights.” The last tune was the quickest to arrive at 2 billion streams in Spotify history and is one of just four tracks to hit that mark.

Notwithstanding the pandemic, the Weeknd has had a fantastically effective past year: notwithstanding the achievement of “Twilight” and its singles, he featured the 2021 Super Bowl Halftime show, made paramount exhibitions on the American Music Awards and the MTV VMAs, and, not least, gave an exceptional and expansive cover meeting to Variety.

He has likewise given more than $3 million to a wide assortment of causes, going from Covid-19 foundations and MusiCares to $300,000 for the survivors of the blast in Beirut the previous summer.

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