Black Twitter Drags Newly Announced Tory Lanez, Chris Brown Album

Lanez has been accused of crime attack after purportedly shooting rapper Megan Thee Stallion last June following a gathering with Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner. Megan has been extremely vocal about her allegations against Lanez, whose genuine name is Daystar Peterson. She shot an irate tweet recently, blaming him for badgering, theGRIO detailed.무료야동

The tweet read: “You all can’t tell when sh*t counterfeit news? You all actually don’t see an ABUSER picking with me? The principal court date got pushed back bc of the introduction however I can hardly wait until the MF FACTS come out.” Megan added, “B—h you shot me AND MY STORY NOT CHANGING AND B—H YOU GOING TO JAIL.”

Lanez’s case is as yet forthcoming.

Then, Brown was recently indicted for lawful offense attack for the 2009 assault on his previous sweetheart Rihanna. The R&B vocalist opened up about the quarrel in the Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life narrative, guaranteeing the battle was energized by envy.

“I recall that she attempted to kick me, yet then I truly hit her, with a shut clench hand, similar to I punched her,” Brown conceded at that point. “I busted her lip. At the point when I saw it, I was in stun. I resembled, ‘Fuck, why the hellfire did I hit her?’ From there, she simply spit in my face … like spit blood in my face and it angered me significantly more. It was a genuine on battle in the vehicle.”

Lanez told Rap-Up in 2019 that he and Brown have recorded 9-10 tracks.

“We could damn approach put out a venture at this moment in the event that we needed to. At the point when me and Chris work, we simply work frantic quick,” he said. Earthy colored and Lanez dropped the single “Feels” in February,

Understand More: Tory Lanez: ‘On the off chance that I should be in prison, I would be’

Twitter clients have considered the pair’s impending venture the “aggressive behavior at home collection of the year.”

One client noted, “If Tory Lanez and Chris Brown coming out with an undertaking. I need Rihanna and Meg to suffer a heart attack.”

Another kidded, “That new Tory lanez and Chris earthy colored collection going to be a BANGER without a doubt 😭 you may say it’ll contain a few SLAPPERS and HITS🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m prepared for the BEATS.”

A third stated “Not Tory Lanez and Chris Brown making a joint collection. They understand what they are doing. Savaging us so we talk about their dauntlessness, so they can drift. I disdain it here haha.”

But then another additional, “Conservative Lanez and Chris earthy colored are making another R&B bunch called sexism’s youngster.”

One Twitter client summarized it best with, “Conservative Lanez and Chris earthy colored making a collection to thump you all sweethearts as well.”

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