NBA Highlights: Luka Doncic Drills Three-Pointer Over Nets’ Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets and Dallas Mavericks are at present doing combating on public TV on TNT on Thursday evening. The Nets are falling off two huge games against the Milwaukee Bucks in which they lost the two games and permitted double cross MVP Giannis Antetokounpo to be relentless.일본야동

During Thursday’s down against the Mavericks, the Nets have effectively allowed Mavs’ to star Luka Doncic go off for 20 focuses through 3/4.

The enormous thing individuals question about for the Nets with the end goal for them to make the NBA Finals is their safeguard. That being said, they actually have been without James Harden, a previous MVP, for the last 15 games, so there is consistently the alternative of out-scoring groups.

During Thursday’s challenge, Doncic hit a stage back three-pointer over Durant, and the video can be found in a post underneath by Bleacher Report.

At this moment, after 3/4, the score is 83-82 for the Nets and the final quarter is going to start.

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