‘Start-Up’ Actor Kim Seon Ho Leads As Baeksang Art Awards’ TikTok Popularity Star Race

Mr. Dimples and Team Good Boy fans from the drama ‘Start Up’ are making their support for Kim Seon Ho known as the actor currently leads in the Baeksang Art Awards ‘TikTok Popularity Star’ male category. For the female category, embattled actress Seo Ye Ji continues to lead over her competitors.조개모아

According to the votes, Kim Seon Ho is leading with 972.88K votes, followed by ‘Vincenzo’ star Song Jong Ki, who currently has 764.99K votes. ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’ star Kim Soo Hyun trails at third place with 278.28K votes.

Kim Seon Ho cemented his way to the hearts of Filipino Kdrama fans with his portrayal of the character Han Ji Pyeong on the drama ‘Start Up’, opposite Suzy Bae and Nam Joo Hyuk. He is currently filming the remake of the drama ‘Mr. Hong’ with Shin Min Ah.

He also released a single entitled ‘Reason’ in colaboration with the Epitone Project, proving that he is not only a talented actor, but a great vocalist as well.

Meanwhile, embattled ‘Its Okay Not to Be Okay’ star Seo Ye Ji continues a healthy lead over other nominees for the the Baeksang Art Awards TikTok Popularity Star award. The actress was recently embroiled in controversy with Kim Jung Hyun’s unprofessional attitude on the set of ‘The Time’.

At 567.15K, she leads over the 490.62K of Mr. Queen actress Shin Hye Sun. At third place is Love Alarm star Kim So Hyun at 175.72K.

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