BTS’ Jimin Wore A Sweater Worth Over $100 For The ‘Boy With Luv’ Music Video

Jimin is known as one of BTS’s “design lords.” He sports various outfits at the air terminal, while acting in shows, and during the “Kid With Luv” music video. 

RM and Jimin of BTS, wearing dark, show up at the photograph require the 34th Golden Disk Awards 

RM and Jimin of BTS show up at the photograph require the 34th Golden Disk Awards | THE FACT/Imazins by means of Getty Images Most of the BTS individuals wore costly articles of clothing for the ‘Kid With Luv’ music video.무료성인야동

This music video, delivered related to BTS’s collection, Map of the Soul: Persona, is brimming with splendid shadings. There are notorious outfits worn by individuals Jungkook, V, Jin, Jimin, RM, Suga, and J-Hope to coordinate with those melodies. 

Jin’s MSGM conservative pink shirt costs about $138, as per K-Star Live. The artist, V, worn a Valentino denim coat more than $1000 for one section for the video, as indicated by Pinkvilla. Also, Jimin’s lilac striped sweater turned into a top pick of numerous BTS fans. 

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BTS’ Jimin donned an Isabel Marant sweater for the ‘Kid With Luv’ music video 

Every part donned pink for certain pieces of this YouTube video. For Jimin’s other outfit for the “Kid With Luv” music video, the symbol wore a lilac sweater to coordinate with his pink hair and the bright setting. 

This “Solwy Sweater” came from the organization Isabel Marant. It costs roughly €155 Euros, or around $186 United States dollars. Albeit this thing was accessible for procurement, the lilac sweater is presently sold out on the Isabel Marant site. 

This kid band’s enthusiasm for design is regularly considered both and off the stage, particularly for Jimin. For the “Explosive” music video, Jimin wore a green aircraft coat from Gucci, coordinating with his slicked-back hair and the melody’s disco-pop tune. 

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Jimin regularly shares his adoration for style and music 

For BTS’ execution on MTV’s Unplugged section, Jimin wore a Gucci plane coat while singing “Clairvoyance” off of Be (Deluxe Edition.) Recently, BTS became brand ministers for the design house Louis Vuitton. 

“I now and again get enlivened by BTS stage [garments] and frequently make some style thoughts from other BTS individuals,” Jimin said during a 2017 meeting with Paste Magazine. “It truly relies upon how your day goes.” 

During a 2020 video meet with GQ, Jimin shared that he likewise takes motivation from the kid band’s fan base, called the BTS ARMY. 

“This is on the grounds that I think ARMY moves me in each part of my life,” Jimin said, as per an interpretation on the video. “This is on the grounds that they’re my justification life. I believe it resembles a mirror that can mirror me in a light or top to bottom way.” 

“It’s like what Suga said,” he proceeded. “I made a decent attempt to turn out to be cordial, delicate, and warm as they are. I figure you ought to have certainty. Trust that you are now just about as in vogue and astounding as the saints you are propelled by.”

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