Juice WRLD And Nipsey Hussle Will Appear On Maroon 5’s Upcoming Album

In case you’re a hit-production rapper, you can have confidence that Maroon 5 are watching you, and trusting that the ideal second will jump for a joint effort. We’ve seen it with Wiz Khalifa on the melody “Payphone,” Cardi B (“Girls Like You”), Kendrick Lamar (“Don’t Wanna Know), and most as of late, Megan Thee Stallion (“Beautiful Mistakes”). The band’s impending collection Jordi, out on June 11, will highlight two adored rappers who deplorably died: Juice WRLD and Nipsey Hussle.

As Stereogum brings up, Juice will show up on a melody called “Can’t Leave You Alone” while Nipsey Hussle will show up with YG on a remix of “Recollections.” Even when they’ve fallen through this human curl, no rapper is protected from the grasp of a Maroon 5 collab. See the full Jordi tracklist beneath, which likewise sports appearances from Stevie Nicks, Anuel AA, Jason Derulo, and the sky is the limit from there.무료성인야동

Jordi tracklist

  1. “Wonderful Mistakes” (Feat. Megan Thee Stallion)2. “Lost”3. “Reverberation” (Feat. Blackbear)4. “Lovesick”5. “Cure” (Feat. Stevie Nicks)6. “Seasons”7. “One Light” (Feat. Bantu)8. “Persuade Me Otherwise” (Feat. H.E.R.)9. “No one’s Love”10 “Can’t Leave You Alone” (Feat. Juice WRLD)11 “Memories”12 “Recollections (Remix)” (Feat. Nipsey Hussle and YG)13 “Catch” (Feat. Anuel AA and Tainy)14 “Way of life” (Jason Derulo Feat. Adam Levine)*Bonus tracks on Target-restrictive actual delivery

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