Shakira Austin Becomes First Rebel Ever To Win C Spire Gillom Trophy

Austin was additionally the primary Rebel to be named a finalist since 2016 (Shandricka Sessom), and was the seventh generally in program history since the honor was set up in 2008.

This is the most recent in a reiteration of respects for Austin following an awe inspiring first season in Oxford with the Rebels. Austin – a 6-5 forward from Fredericksburg, Virginia – was a prevailing power in her first season as a Rebel subsequent to moving from Maryland, advising the SEC with her brutal play on the two closures of the court. For her endeavors, she turned into the principal Rebel to acquire First-Team All-SEC distinctions since Tia Faleru did as such in 2014-15, just as an Honorable Mention individual from the WBCA Coaches All-America group.성인사진

On the season, the Lisa Leslie Award Top-10 rundown part found the middle value of 18.6 focuses, 9.1 bounce back, 1.8 squares, 1.6 takes, 1.3 helps and shot 51.9 percent in general and 75.9 percent from the free toss line. Altogether, she was in twofold digit scoring in 26 of 27 games played, which included 13 twofold copies, 13 games with 20 focuses or more, 14 games with twofold digit bounce back and 14 games with different squares.

Austin was significantly more deadly in SEC season, during which she recorded seven 20-point games and eight twofold duplicates. Austin was once in a while cold in 2020-21, yet she had two especially blistering ranges of games, including a stretch from Dec. 15 to Jan. 7 where she turned into the main Rebel to score at least 20 out of four straight since 2009-10 (Bianca Thomas), and from Jan. 31 to Feb. 21 when she turned into the principal Rebel to record five straight twofold copies in SEC games since All-American and momentum right hand mentor Armintie Herrington did as such in seven straight during the 2006-07 Elite Eight season. Austin appeared for the defining moments in magnificent style, almost averaging a twofold at 18.1 focuses and 9.8 sheets while shooting 51.3 percent versus Nine positioned rivals.

She is at present the solitary dynamic SEC player with 1,000 vocation focuses (1,171), 700 profession bounce back (787) and 150 profession blocks (178), and she was likewise the lone part in the gathering to complete the customary season inside the main 15 in the SEC in field objective rate, scoring, blocks, bouncing back, takes and free toss shooting.

Austin sparkled fabulously in the WNIT also, being named All-Memphis Regional and All-Tournament after indenting three twofold pairs, three 20-point games and a competition detail line of 20.4 focuses, 10.4 bounce back, 2.4 squares, 1.2 takes, 1.2 helps and a field objective/free toss slice of .514/.833.

The C Spire Gillom Trophy was set up in 2008 and is essential for the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame’s C Spire Outstanding Award Series, introduced every year to Mississippi’s top university understudy competitors in football (Conerly, settled 1996), baseball (Ferriss, set up 2004), men’s b-ball (Howell, set up 2005) and ladies’ b-ball (Gillom, set up 2008).

The honor is named for Ole Miss legend and pioneer Peggie Gillom, an early nonentity for both the foundation of the Ole Miss ladies’ ball program and ladies’ university b-ball on a public scale during her Rebel vocation from 1977-80. A 2013 inductee into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and a 2018 beneficiary of the Hall of Fame’s “Pioneers of the Game” honor, Gillom is the unequaled driving scorer in Rebel history with 2,486 vocation focuses and the untouched driving rebounder with 1,271 sheets – making her the first and one of only two in the 2,000-point, 1,000-bounce back club.

Ole Miss C Spire Gillom Trophy Award Finalists

2008: Shawn Goff

2009: Bianca Thomas

2010: Bianca Thomas

2011: Kayla Melson

2012: Valencia McFarland

2013: Valencia McFarland

2014: Tia Faleru

2015: Tia Faleru

2016: Shandricka Sessom

2021: Shakira Austin

C Spire Gillom Trophy Past Winners

2008: Jennifer Rushing, Delta State

2009: Alexis Rack, Mississippi State

2010: Alexis Rack, Mississippi State

2011: Veronica Walker, Delta State

2012: Veronica Walker, Delta State

2013: Martha Alwal, Mississippi State

2014: Jamierra Faulkner, Southern Miss

2015: Victoria Vivians, Mississippi State

2016: Victoria Vivians, Mississippi State

2017: Victoria Vivians, Mississippi State

2018: Victoria Vivians, Mississippi State

2019: Teaira McCowan, Mississippi State

2020: Rickea Jackson, Mississippi State

2021: Shakira Austin, Ole Miss

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