Watch: “Doom At Your Service” Cast Has Hilarious Chemistry For Competitive Quiz Game

The video starts with a straightforward game in which the cast individuals alternate expressing each syllable of the show’s title in turn. Kang Tae Oh coincidentally gets confounded about his chance from the outset, yet allowed a subsequent opportunity, he effectively dominates the match.

At the point when the meeting authoritatively starts, the entertainers alternate momentarily presenting one another. Park Bo Young portrays Lee Soo Hyuk’s character as somebody who falters notwithstanding new love, yet she reluctantly asks thereafter, “Is that off-base?”실시간야동

Kang Tae Oh shares, “To portray Na Ji Na (played by Shin Do Hyun), who is close to me, her last name is Na, and she is a web author whose name is Na Ji Na.” He keeps on depicting her long, yet every last bit of it is altered out on the grounds that it contains spoilers. Kang Tae Oh asks, “Am I not permitted to say that?” and Seo In Guk remarks, “Are you not going to return home?” Lee Soo Hyuk recommends that he begins once again from where he clarified Na Ji Na’s last name is Na, just for Kang Tae Oh’s clarification to be edited again as a result of spoilers.

The cast plays a remembrance game, and Lee Soo Hyuk acts very tense the first round. He shares, “I was truly anxious.” Seo In Guk duplicates Lee Soo Hyuk’s strained articulation, and Kang Tae Oh remarks, “This is more frightening than the question and answer session.” When Seo In Guk gets dispensed with in the third round after Kang Tae Oh and Lee Soo Hyuk are killed, Lee Soo Hyuk asks, “Don’t you feel quiet?” Eventually Park Bo Young arises as the last victor.

In the test segment of the meeting, Shin Do Hyun surmises effectively the five dramatizations Park Bo Young featured in including “Resilient Woman Do Bong Soon,” “Gracious My Ghostess,” “Void,” “Destruction at Your Service,” and “The King and I.”

Speculating everybody’s office, Seo In Guk remarks, “Rapidly, somebody penance themselves.” Lee Soo Hyuk finds near the solution, yet as opposed to speculating Seo In Guk’s office effectively, he asks, “Would you like to join our organization?”

When speculating the characters’ ages, Kang Tae Oh accurately surmises that his character Lee Hyun Kyu and Na Ji Na are 29 years of age, Cha Joo Ik (Lee Soo Hyuk) is 33 years of age, and Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) is 28 years of age. For Myul Mang (Seo In Guk), Kang Tae Oh answers, “???” and gets the inquiry right.

On an inquiry regarding what tvN dramatizations the entertainers have featured in, Park Bo Young unintentionally makes reference to Kang Tae Oh’s JTBC show “Run On,” and she rapidly apologizes subsequent to understanding her mix-up. For an alternate inquiry posing for the names of the five characters the entertainers play, Park Bo Young stalls out in light of the fact that she fails to remember Lee Hyun Kyu’s last name. Kang Tae Oh stands up and shares, “Amazing, I’m so disturbed.”

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