Park Jin Joo And Lee Cho Hee REVEAL That They Were Friends With Park Seo Joon In College; Share Anecdotes

Lee Cho Hee is broadly known for her part in 7 First Kisses and has featured in different dramatizations and films, while Park Jin Joo has additionally featured in celebrated shows like It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and Her Private Life. It was uncovered that both the entertainers went to the Seoul Institute of Arts and Park Jin Joo casually referenced that she was schoolmates with Park Seo Joon, perhaps the most renowned K-Drama entertainers. She went to say, “I was around the same time and class as Seo Joon. So we kind of grew up together as entertainers, from our child years.”중국야동

Host Yoo Jae Suk at that point inquired as to whether she knew Park Seo Joon, to which she answered with a yes. She said, “When I initially saw the more established understudies at school, he was the person who stood apart as he was attractive. I felt that he was cool!” She even discussed the one time Park Seo Joon visited her home once, subsequent to playing soccer, however before his classes.

Who would’ve realized Park Seo Joon would proceed to turn into a hit hotshot? Clearly, his instructors! Park Jin Joo, who was in a similar class as him, uncovered that her educator had shared a forecast while in school, about Seo Joon and her. She shared, “Our educator said during a class that out of everybody in our year, Park Seo Joon and Park Jin Joo will presumably be quick to become showbiz royalty.” She added that the teacher said, “Yet Park Jin Joo will likely vanish rapidly on the grounds that she doesn’t buckle down.” After saying this, she took a gander at the camera affectionately and with a grin said, “I’ll work more diligently later on so I can remain close by for eternity.”

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