Hwang In Yeop In Talks To Join Seo Hyun Jin In New Romance Drama

Hwang In Yeop may be featuring inverse Seo Hyun Jin in the forthcoming show “Why Oh Soo Jae?” (exacting title).

On May 24, Sports Chosun refered to industry sources who expressed, “Hwang In Yeop was picked to play the lead of ‘Why Oh Soo Jae?'”실시간야동

A source from Hwang In Yeop’s office KeyEast Entertainment explained, “Hwang In Yeop has gotten a proposal to star in ‘Why Oh Soo Jae?’ and is investigating it.”

“Why Oh Soo Jae?” is a show that recounts the account of a lady who settles on some unacceptable decision in everyday routine and experiences for some unacceptable sort of accomplishment. After she experiences passionate feelings for a specific young fellow, she alters the course of her life and figures out how to appropriately adore herself. It is a romantic tale that is depicted as agonizing yet energizing and cold yet warm.

Website design enhancement Hyun Jin was recently affirmed as the female lead Oh Soo Jae, and Hwang In Yeop has been offered the part of the male lead Gong Chan, a first year recruit at Seojoong University’s graduate school and the proprietor of a bar. Gong Chan met Oh Soo Jae in the past when he was erroneously blamed for a wrongdoing. Subsequent to spending time in jail in prison for a wrongdoing he didn’t carry out, he is found not guilty and reunites with Oh Soo Jae at the graduate school where she is an assistant teacher.

Kim Young Dae had been in converses with play Gong Chan, however conversations have purportedly fallen through because of planning clashes.

“Why Oh Soo Jae?” will be composed by Kim Ji Eun of “Lie After Lie” and coordinated by Park Soo Jin, who has dealt with dramatizations including “Specialists,” “Dr. Heartfelt,” and “Demise Song.” It is booked to air in the second 50% of the year.

Hwang In Yeop appeared in 2017 as a style model and made his acting presentation through Playlist Studios’ web show “W.H.Y.” He has since been projected in a few TV dramatizations like “The Tale of Nokdu,” “18 Again,” “Genuine Beauty,” and the forthcoming dramatization “The Sound of Magic.”

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