Actress Song Hye Kyo Buys Property Worth Billions In KRW; Leaves Fans Stunned

Having high fame as a superstar, obviously, purchasing property like a house is something simple to do. Nonetheless, when a superstar purchases a structure, that is a bewildering wonder. That is the way Song Hye Kyo made her fantasy about possessing her own structure work out as expected. It was as of late detailed that Song Hye Kyo purchased a structure worth 19.5 billion Won, around 175 thousand USD, in March and has finished the exchange cycle since the finish of April.한국야동

The structure bought by the entertainer is situated in Hannam-dong, Seoul and comprises of two storm cellar floors just as three upper floors. During her 20-year profession as a VIP, Song Hye Kyo is essential for a line-up of craftsmen who have not put an excess of cash into the land business.

It was accounted for that she possessed a structure worth 20 billion KRW which is nearly around 18 million USD. Melody Hye Kyo is likewise known to have three land property resources in Samseong-dong and she sold them last April. There is no reasonable clarification to why she decided to sell the three resources.

It was recorded that she had purchased a select home in 2004 for 5 billion Won, generally 4.5 million USD. At that point, in 2008, she purchased an extravagance estate worth 3 billion Won, a little over 2.6 million USD. Furthermore, in 2017, Song Hye Kyo purchased a house worth 9.1 billion Won, about 8 million USD.

It is additionally revealed that Song Hye Kyo’s resources are in South Korea, yet in addition in New York. She has an extravagance property as his townhouse in New York City, United States, which allegedly costs up to 2 billion KRW, roughly 1.8 million USD.

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