LI Native Andrew Capobianco Qualifies For Tokyo Olympics In Synchronized Diving With Win At Trials

Capobianco, who turned into the primary seventh-grader to win the Nassau title when he was seeking Wantagh in 2012, has qualified with accomplice Michael Hixon for the Tokyo-bound U.S. Olympic Team. They won the men’s 3-meter synchronized rivalry by 120.57 focuses in the Trials Friday night at the Indiana University Natatorium in Indianapolis.실시간야동

Hixon is 26 and right now possesses an Olympic silver in the occasion. That accompanied Sam Dorman in Rio in 2016. Be that as it may, for Capobianco, this will be his first time as an Olympian, and he’s just 21.

“It’s really dreamlike at the present time,” Capobianco said at a news meeting following the triumph. “It hasn’t as far as possible soaked in.”

He’s additionally attempting to qualify separately for Team USA in the 3-meter springboard, and stands 6th heading into Sunday’s finals.

The Mineola-conceived Capobianco moved to North Carolina and moved on from Holly Springs High there in 2017. He’s a seven-time All-American at Indiana. His redshirt junior year of 2020-21 accompanied his second NCAA 3-meter title and his second success as Big Ten Diver of the Year.

Capobianco previously combined with Hixon, an Indiana alum, late in 2018 after Dorman resigned. They won the USA Diving Winter Trials before long, and guaranteed the bronze at the 2019 Pan American Games. They additionally completed fourth last month at the World Cup.

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“At the point when I came to IU, I believe that Drew [Johansen, the head jumping coach] attempted to show my plunging around Michael’s a smidgen, so when we met up for synchro, the circumstance was in reality very great,” Capobianco said. “The greatest thing was figuring out how to plunge synchro.

“I had never done synchro previously, and coming in with your synchro accomplice being a silver medalist from the last Olympics was really insane. He encouraged me, and it’s been really extraordinary.”

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