Sean Paul’s Wife Jodi Jinx Dragged Over “Condescending” All-Inclusive Hotel Food Comment

Sean Paul’s significant other, Jodi Henriques, has hit back at a fan who blamed her for slaughtering the dancehall legend’s vocation.

Sean Paul’s Wife Responds to Critic Saying She Killed His CareerSean Paul’s better half Jodi denied claims that she executed his music vocation.

Jodi posted a photograph on Instagram, and one of her adherents said she adversely affected the Gimme The Light singer’s profession.무료성인야동

Jodi didn’t accept it without a fight and made a blistering reaction. While attacking the Instagram client’s looks, the mother of two advised him to get his realities right.

She asserted that her well known spouse is perhaps the most streamed craftsmen in the Caribbean.

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Jodi further called attention to that Sean Paul’s new exhibition on Good Morning America demonstrates his momentum melodic achievement.

“You need a few realities. Sean Paul is the most streamed craftsman in the Caribbean and just performed on Good Morning America earlier today,” she composed.

While calling the Instagram client cerebrum dead, Jodi contemplated whether he is a fruitful performer.

“Your mind is obviously dead if that is a dead profession. Be that as it may, I surmise since you’re at the highest point of your profession, you’d know, right?” She presented.

The unruffled online media client reacted to Jodi by concealing Sean Paul’s Good Morning America execution close by Shaggy and Spice on June 11, 2021.

“Was he a reinforcement artist for Spice?” he inquired.

“Indeed, Spice is an astonishing female craftsman, and at this moment, it is her opportunity to excel, and Sean was adequately charitable to venture back and allowed her progression to up.

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Her collection is out soon. I trust you’ll uphold her as well,” Jodi reacted.

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Jodi began dating Sean Paul in 2002 when she was as yet a youngster. Their science was irrefutable, and the artist proposed to her in 2011.

They got hitched on May 26, 2021, in Kingston, Jamaica, at a serene function. Reports demonstrated that wedding visitors and those associated with arranging the function marked a composed agreement to stay quiet.

The visitors were educated about the area a couple of hours before the wedding.

Jodi and Sean Paul have two kids together.

Three weeks prior, TUKO.Co.Ke announced that Sean Paul said Rockabye is the most close to home melody he has delivered.

He clarified that a single parent brought him up, and the tune’s message hit home.

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“My mother was a single parent, and when they came at me with the melody, I didn’t consider doing a tune like that, so it opened my viewpoint on tunes about women,” he said.

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