Rubio: ‘Russia Is Already’ In Cuba, The Diaz-Canel Regime ‘lost Its Legitimacy To Govern’

The Cuban socialist system, as of now headed by President Miguel Diaz-Canel, has lost that authenticity, the representative told “Uncommon Report” on Monday.

Recently, favorable to popular government dissidents rioted across the island country—in resistance of the merciless system’s stranglehold on open exhibitions—to call for common liberties and essential necessities.

As pressures bubbled over in Havana, Cuban outcasts, exiles and their families turned out in an enormous demonstration of fortitude with the Cuban individuals in showings across the Sunshine state.중국야동

“Cuba today is fundamentally in a condition of military law and in a large number of the significant urban communities the nation over, troops are positioned—security powers are positioned—and the message is clear. They are additionally proceeding to quell individuals,” Rubio said, adding that in the wake of Diaz-Canel closing down regular people’s web access, reports are as yet emerging from the nation of torment and “kidnappings” of Cuban residents by the public authority.

“This the is model [the system in Havana has] followed quite a while. The solitary contrast among now and its previous some is being recorded and posted via online media for the world to see,” he said.

Rubio proceeded to caution that Cuba’s partner Russia is basically accessible if the need arises for the Diaz-Canel system, and could set up a shaky circumstance for Florida and the United States, should Kremlin assets store up only 90 miles seaward.

“Russia is now there. They have a knowledge station thus do the Chinese,” Rubio cautioned. “It’s the model they follow wherever on the planet. It may not eve be straightforwardly Russian soldiers [but] private workers for hire that are fundamentally Russian soldiers that they send all throughout the planet.”


“However, this is the thing that they have done set up after place—in Venezuela and Syria and eastern Ukraine thus there is no doubt as far as I can say that if the Cuba government demands it, the Russian will give that.”

Rubio underlined that that reality ought to be top of brain for President Biden.

“This is a bloodbath 90 miles off of our shores. It’s destabilizing. I need to understand what Joe Biden will do when 1,000 unique powers from Russia show up on Cuban region to help the Cuba system. That is the thing that’s coming straightaway,” Rubio said.

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