Jun Ji Hyun As A Zombie? The ‘Kingdom: Ashin Of The North’ Star Makes Startling Confession Ahead Of Premiere

We are three days from seeing Jun Ji Hyun totally kill on screen as the savage warrior Ashin, in Netflix’s zombie thrill ride ‘Realm’s sidequel ‘Realm: Ashin Of The North’. ‘Realm: Ashin of the North’ will be about Ashin, the puzzling figure Lee Chang’s (Joo Ji Hoon’s) party experienced while traveling north on their quest for the mystery behind the revival plant.한국야동

Be that as it may, Jun Ji Hyun made some alarming disclosures in the new online public interview for the sidequel. Jun Ji Hyun uncovered that she was an enormous aficionado of ‘Realm’ and was regarded that she was offered Ashin’s job. Jun Ji Hyun admitted that she was practically frantic to work with acclaimed screenwriter Kim Eun Hee, that she was in any event, willing to transform into a zombie for the part! Indeed, you read it right. Jun Ji Hyun said and we quote her, ” disclosed to her I was able to try and show up as a zombie in ‘Realm”. Indeed, knowing Jun Ji Hyun, she would make a flawless and furious zombie and there’s no rejecting that!

Ashin is the beneficiary of the Northern Yeojin clan town who lives close to the Yalu River. She is likewise the one individual who is nearest to the mystery of the saengsacho (restoration plant). Kim Eun Hee uncovers that Kingdom: Ashin of the North will be a venturing stone to go past Kingdom 3. The sidequel of the hit series ‘Realm’ will be delivered at the same time in 190 nations on July 23.

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