Lyka Platforms In US, Hongkong Back Counterpart In Philippines

Lyka platforms in US, Hongkong back counterpart in Philippines | GMA News  Online

Lyka stages in the United States and Hong Kong on Friday communicated support for their Philippine partner after it was requested to stop it’s anything but an Operator of Payment System (OPS), forthcoming enrollment.

In a Facebook post, Lyka said the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has given an OPS Provisional Certificate to Digital Spring Marketing and Advertising Inc., the promoting arm of Lyka in the Philippines.실시간야동

“Until this point in time, Digital Spring is consistently speaking with BSP in regards to its OPS application. Have confidence that Digital Spring will keep on satisfying its commitments with its accomplice shippers in corresponding to its continuous consistence with BSP’s prerequisites,” it said.

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Lyka additionally added that Digita Spring works in conduction with ePlayment Corporation, which is as of now enrolled with the BSP.

“We are certain that the tasks in the Philippines will keep on remaining solid with the accommodation and persistent coordination of Digital Spring with BSP and other administrative bodies,” it said.

Notwithstanding this, BSP Governor Benjamin Diokno prior said that administrators of Lyka had “effectively communicated their readiness to enlist with the BSP as an OPS.”

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