BTS’ ‘Permission To Dance’ Rules Japan Hot 100

BTS’ “Consent to Dance” ascends to No. 1 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100, dated July 19 to 25, taking the best position following fourteen days at No. 2 on the count.

While the worldwide gathering’s most recent single is easing back down, in general figure-wise, it actually outclasses its rivals in different measurements: No. 2 for downloads (from 27,671 to 17,390 units), and No. 1 for streaming (from 19,965,634 to 15,588,691 transfers) and video (from 7,718,062 to 5,256,994 perspectives). The track likewise administered radio airplay this week and gathered enough focuses to keep Kinki Kids’ “Un/Pair” from appearing at the highest point of the Japan Hot 100.

In the interim, BTS’ “Margarine” holds at No. 3, coming in at No. 10 for downloads (from 10,106 to 8,617 units), and No. 2 for streaming (from 14,469,653 to 13,437,322 transfers) and video (from 5,297,225 to 4,359,295 perspectives). While the two melodies by the South Korean septet keep on keeping an undeniable degree of execution, the figures are on the downswing and the current year’s BTS frenzy that started in late May seems to be continuously settling down.일본야동

Veteran Johnny’s team Kinki Kids’ “Un/Pair” bows at No. 2 on the Japan Hot 100, scarcely outclassing “Spread” by a simple 10 focuses. The pair’s 43rd single offered 173,387 duplicates to run actual deals this week, and furthermore fared well in look-ups (No. 2), radio (No. 12) and Twitter specifies (No. 15). However, having no focuses at all in downloads, real time and video was a colossal difficulty, and the track couldn’t upset the distinction of 3,041 focuses among itself and “Authorization to Dance.”

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