Fans Trend Support For EXO Members Xiumin And D.O After The Two Seek Medical Care

EXO individuals Xiumin and D.O were uncovered to be going through clinical consideration for various issues today, driving fans to drift hashtags to send their help to the artists.무료야동사이트

As of late, Xiumin was affirmed to have been projected in a reality web show, just as a melodic. D.O. Made his performance debut last month, delivering a 8-track EP.

Recently, on the fifth of July, it was found that EXO’s Xiumin tried positive for COVID-19. It was accounted for that he had stepped through an examination before, on the 29th of July, and the report returned negative. Notwithstanding, after an adjustment of his manifestations and health, he stepped through another exam which turned out sure.

The entirety of the EXO individuals, just as their staff, were quickly tried and are presently in self-isolate. Other staff from every one of the settings and recording regions that Xiumin had visited for work were additionally educated, including Xiumin’s kindred entertainers from the “Hadestown” melodic he was projected in.

Fans likewise discovered that EXO’s D.O had as of late been looking for clinical assistance for his issues with his neck and was getting proficient spinal treatment for the equivalent.

After getting the news in regards to the two episodes, EXO-Ls (the authority name of EXO fans) mass-tweeted out strong and empowering messages for the two, wishing them a quick recuperation.

Recently, it was affirmed that Xiumin would star as a lead entertainer in the Korean rendition of the melodic “Hadestown,” close by cast individuals Park Kang-hyun and Jo Hyung-gyun. He is additionally set to star in a spic and span web unscripted TV drama named “Xiumin’s Tennis King Tomorrow.”

At the last part of July, D.O delivered his multilingual performance debut collection, “Sympathy,” containing eight tracks.

Last month, BTOB’s Minhyuk, TREASURE’s Junghwan, Ateez’s San, and NOIR’s Kim Minhyuk were only a portion of the symbols that have tried positive. Numerous Korean VIPs outside of the K-pop industry were tormented with the disorder also.

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