Watch: “Voice 4” Cast Picks Favorite Scenes And Shares Final Thoughts On The Drama’s Conclusion

In the new creation of video, the cast discusses their most important scenes. Tune Seung Heon starts by referencing the scene in which they were pursued by canines. He adds, “There’s additionally a scene in which I shout at Dong Bang Min (Lee Kyu Hyung) at the medical clinic to draw out the secret persona inside him. I shot that scene while having loads of fun, and it’s one of the scenes that remaining parts in my recollections.”

Lee Ha Na picks the scene where Jang Ye Sook (Woo Mi Hwa) is safeguarded and reunites with the canine that saved her just as the scene wherein Kang Seo Choon (Jun Moo Song) gets cut while attempting to secure Kang Man Ho (Jo Jae Ryong) due to how passionate it is. The entertainer uncovers that she is contacted and enlivened each season by the work the supporting entertainers of every scene put in.

Lee Kyu Hyung picks his first actual showdown with Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) as the most important scene, while Son Eun Seo and Baek Sung Hyun likewise pick a similar scene as their top choice. Kim Joong Ki specifies the scene with entertainer Jun Moo Song as his most important one, Song Boo Gun raises the salvage scene with the canine, and WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon discusses at last working with the Golden Time Team and meeting Lee Kyu Hyung, whom he has recently worked with through tvN’s “Jail Playbook.”중국야동

Tune Seung Heon shares that he anticipates practicing and having a good time after the dramatization’s decision. He specifies, “Truly, there’s no place to go,” including his expectation that the circumstance with COVID-19 improves rapidly. Lee Ha Na uncovers that she needs to observe every one of the movies that she has missed, while Lee Kyu Hyung shares that he needs to go vehicle setting up camp in the mountains alone.

Kim Joong Ki adds, “I should remain at home!” additionally alluding to the pandemic, and Kang Seung Yoon says that he needs to get up to speed with dramatizations, including “Voice 4” to screen his exhibition.

Melody Seung Heon addresses the weight of joining the fourth period of a task, however he adds that he is appreciative for every individual who aided cause him to feel good on set. Lee Ha Na shares, “‘Voice 4’ feels like a pay compensation in the wake of hanging tight for a truly significant time-frame. Sitting tight for each season consistently feels long, however this is a season I needed to welcome watchers with particularly soon.” She adds that it felt considerably more exceptional to have the option to take on two unique jobs.

Melody Boo Gun makes reference to that his subsequent little girl was brought into the world during the shooting and that the show’s message about the significance of family had a profound effect on him. Kang Seung Yoon shares that the dramatization is another way for him to communicate the last snapshots of his 20s.

At long last, the cast individuals send video messages to the Golden Time Team. Contrasting his feelings with that of a student from another school, Song Seung Heon shares, “They truly invited me, and all the Golden Time Team analysts, alongside the call place chief, treated me serenely, so I’m exceptionally thankful.” Lee Ha Na clarifies that she will truly miss her group who consistently support her.

To his person Dong Bang Min, Lee Kyu Hyung says, “I trust you offer reparations for your wrongdoings, get legitimate treatment for your sickness, and discover harmony in your heart.”

Child Eun Seo thanks the cast for lighting up the set and supporting each other so they can turn out to be considerably nearer, and Baek Sung Hyun states, “Brilliant Time Team everlastingly.” Kim Joong Ki shares his expectations for everybody to remain sound, and Song Boo Gun comparably communicates his desires to see everybody again subsequent to remaining solid. Kang Seung Yoon thanks every one of the cast individuals each in turn for gaining incredible experiences to value and for assisting him with assuming his part.

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