Young Shin Se-kyung Is An Old Pro : Former Child Actor Was Ready For Everything On Set Of Her Latest Drama

Shin Se-kyung, 28, has a positive outlook on her most recent work, “The Bride of Habaek,” in spite of the program’s low appraisals. “I believe what’s more significant [as an actor] is the manner by which well you depict your characters,” said Shin.

Link channel tvN’s “The Bride of Habaek” is a rom-com show that recounts the narrative of a connection between Habaek, the legendary water god from old Korea, and his lady of the hour to-be So-ah, and depends on a well known sunjung [romance] comic by Yoon Mi-kyung of a similar title. The TV spin-off began on July 3 and circulated its keep going scene on Aug. 22.무료성인야동

At the point when the elegant cast of Nam Joo-hyuk as Habaek and Shin Se-kyung as So-ah, alongside different VIPs, for example, Krystal from young lady bunch f(x), and large name entertainers like Lee Kyung-youthful and Yang Dong-geun, was first uncovered to people in general, it achieved blended responses from the enthusiasts of the first comic book. While fans were anxious to see the stars in real life, the individuals who read the books were stressed that the story wasn’t fit to be carried on by genuine individuals, since it was a legendary dream story of divine beings.

Since Habaek is a water god, individuals in old Korea were terrified of water-based catastrophic events like dry spells and storms, and are said to have forfeited young ladies as ladies to the god to assuage him; the first story rotates around Habaek thus ah, a human penance. The most recent redo of the legend, notwithstanding, is set in present day Seoul, in which So-ah is certifiably not a human penance, yet rather an exceptionally reasonable specialist who didn’t have faith in dreams. As a result, fanatics of the first were baffled at the gigantic dissimilarity between their assumptions and the result and it displayed in the appraisals.

In spite of the lackluster showing of the dramatization, 28-year-old Shin has a positive outlook on her most recent work. “We must convince watchers,” said Shin. “Also, I think, all things considered, that they were convinced a little.” The Ilgan Sports, a partner of the Korea JoongAng Daily, plunked down with Shin to discuss how she felt after the show. Coming up next are altered passages from the meeting.

Q. How was it assuming the part of So-ah?

A. So-ah has a tense side to her. The dramatization’s kind is dream, yet the manner in which the characters were falling frantically infatuated was very practical. So I surmise I didn’t have inconvenience in depicting her sentiments. I came to see So-ah’s feelings bit by bit, and I began from that point.

“The Bride of Habaek” was condemned by fanatics of the comic it depended on for having wandered a lot from the comic, and for its low quality of PC illustrations. [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Is it safe to say that you were alright with the person?

Indeed, generally on the grounds that the account of “The Bride of Habaek” is so full, with no holes in the middle. Previously, I experienced issues with topping off the enthusiastic holes of the characters, however in “The Bride of Habaek,” there weren’t numerous scenes where I felt abnormal in light of the fact that I had considered the story well before recording started. I figure I might have looked much more agreeable in light of the fact that everybody on set gave me their full help.

It’s been a long time since you made your presentation as a nine-year-old. How could it feel acting with those with less experience?

On this set, I really felt that I had matured. At the point when I became 26, I out of nowhere had this load of individuals more youthful than me, the entertainers as well as the staff. I was accustomed to being the most youthful one, and it felt sort of off-kilter to be tended to as somebody more established (giggles).

Your co-star Nam Joo-hyuk was censured for his off-kilter acting. What’s your opinion on those comments?

He contemplated the lines intently before we started recording. I became accustomed to the legendary world rapidly, and I felt nothing abnormal with him. Nam Joo-hyuk was simply Habaek.

He’s an extremely steady individual. There are times when an entertainer needs to think imaginatively on his feet. What’s more, in those minutes, I felt that he was definitely not an exhausting individual. Here and there he would bring out things in manners I had never contemplated.

In any event, when he wasn’t on scene, he stayed by me and put forth a valiant effort. He even cried in one of my crying scenes. I had never met an entertainer who cried with me each and every time in my enthusiastic scenes. It made me think, “have I at any point been 200% affected in others’ work?”

The program didn’t proceed just as anticipated. How would you feel?

I tend not to contemplate the watcher appraisals. Since they don’t turn out the manner in which you need them to. The numbers reveal to you how much the work has been adored outwardly, however I believe what’s more significant [as an actor] is the manner by which well you depict your characters.

Having appeared as a kid entertainer, experience you had any difficulties?

Indeed, and those inconveniences changed with time. Luckily, I had the option to partake in my life as a customary understudy when I was more youthful very much like others, while likewise carrying on with the existence of an entertainer. Recalling, I’m generally thankful for those days since they were the most joyful.

As you head into your thirties, do you have any assumptions or stresses?

I anticipate my thirties. Since I’ve been working from a particularly youthful age, I’m anticipating turning into the more seasoned one in the business.

I don’t have anything specifically that I need to achieve, yet rather, I figure I could consider it a triumph in the event that I simply age without harming anybody around me. Dislike you can get every one of the things you need, at any rate. I have such countless great individuals around me. They influence me to such an extent. Also, I’m continually attempting to be a decent individual to another person.


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