Park Bo Gum Transforms Into A Chef For Military Cooking Show

Park Bo Gum showed up on a tactical cooking show!

On a scene of the show “Cook’s Special Meal” (exacting title) which was transferred on August 14, Park Bo Gum showed up where he endeavored to set up a dinner for warriors close by gourmet expert Jung Ho Young.조개모아

In the show, Park Bo Gum astonished in his naval force uniform as he plunked down with Jung Ho Young to talk about his life in the military since his enrollment last year.

He likewise uncovered the explanation for his choice to join the show, saying, “Such countless fighters eat each day, isn’t that so? However, the demonstration of planning suppers for such countless individuals, with no rest… I pondered whenever I could at any point find the opportunity to have this sort of involvement. I trusted I could assist a bit and make dinners somewhat more flavorful for these 600 fighters.”

The scene follows Park Bo Gum as he helps Jung Ho Young in preparing a heavenly supper comprising of rice, Hamburg steak, and curry. The pair then, at that point head to the wreck lobby to reproduce similar dinner for many warriors with a period cutoff of two hours. With the assistance of the group of military cooks, they give a valiant effort to prepare and serve the food inside the allocated time.

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