LOOK: Actress Felicya Angelista’ Surprise Video Call From Song Joong Ki; Husband Planned It All

Entertainer Felicya Angelista’ shock video call from Song Joong Ki; spouse arranged it all She kidded about her pregnancy “hankering” for a call from the Vicenzo lead entertainer

All things considered, the spouse’s amazement was a triumph! Which began as a trick on what should be a pregnancy hankering, entertainer Felicya Angelista was, thusly, shocked by her significant other Cesar Hito. Both are VIPs in Indonesia.

Accoding to Tempo Indonesia, Felicya revealed to Caesar that she was kidding about her “hankering,” however at that point, Caesar previously settled on decisions to ensure his significant other gets what she needs. In his Instagram post, “Commendation God this very arbitrary needing for my significant other materialized. It began with her tricking me and I possibly had the chance to discover when I watched her video blog, however I previously called my companion in South Korea to discover the administration’s number.”일본야동

Early that day of the extraordinary video call, Felicya shared that she had no clue about the thing planned to occur. Caesar just requested that she prepare to video blog. “Toward the beginning of the day, I was approached to put on cosmetics, and I was confounded,” she says on her video blog.

The following video shows a man in blue setting up the video call. He’s Raymond, the companion of Ceasar, who made this conceivable. Then, at that point he gives way as the entryway opens with Song Joong Ki going into the room and beginning a discussion with Felicya. However the entire discussion wasn’t shared on the video blog, Felicya can be seen overjoyed from this experience.

“I needed to express gratitude toward Caesar Hito for requesting a video call with my venerated image. I got it! Much thanks to you, God Jesus!” she posted on her Instagram account. Fortunate young lady!

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