New Port Linking Macao, Guangdong To Open

Another port connecting the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) and the central area’s Guangdong territory is set to be open on Sept. 8, the Macao SAR Government Information Bureau said on Monday.

The new port, known as the Qingmao Checkpoint, will be open upon an endorsement by the State Council and conversations between the Guangdong common government and the Macao SAR government, said the agency.

The new designated spot is neighboring the Border Gate Checkpoint, one of the primary existing ports among Macao and Guangdong.무료야동사이트

The new office will work nonstop. There will be 50 computerized channels inbound for traveler freedom administrations and 50 robotized channels outbound, with two staffed counters to be worked toward every path.

The Qingmao Checkpoint is intended to offer flood limit on the side of the close by Border Gate Checkpoint. Macao ID holders and travelers enlisted to utilize computerized limit crossing channels can pick to utilize the new designated spot, as indicated by the bureau.Source: Xinhua

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