K-idol Lee Min-ho Spotted With Former Momoland Member Yeonwoo

SEOUL – Actor Lee Min-ho has rejected that he is dating previous Momoland part Yeonwoo after they were shot going out to see the films together.

On Monday (Aug 30), South Korean diversion gateway Dispatch revealed that the two had been seeing someone five months.

It likewise distributed photographs of them in an underground vehicle leave prior to heading out to watch a film.무료성인야동

Accordingly, Lee’s organization MYM Entertainment quickly gave an assertion: “It isn’t a fact that they are seeing someone. They are simply associates.”

Extremely observant fans detected the outline of someone else in the vehicle, which the organization affirmed, saying: “It wasn’t only both of them and there were different companions present at that point. These are not photographs of a date.”

Lee, 34, who shot to notoriety in dramatization Boys Over Flowers in 2009, had recently dated entertainer Bae Suzy for just about three years.

The famous icon has been connected to other co-stars, for example, Park Shin-hye and Kim Go-eun, however has not openly dated anybody since saying a final farewell to Bae in 2017.

He allegedly observed Yeonwoo’s 25th birthday celebration at her place toward the start of August.

The vocalist turned-entertainer, who made her introduction with young lady bunch Momoland in 2016, was said to have fortified with Lee over a common love of motion pictures and gaming.

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