BTS: Jungkook Writes Lyrics Of K-pop Group’s Upcoming Song, RM And Suga Discuss New Album On In The Soop. Watch

BTS: Jungkook writes lyrics of K-pop group's upcoming song, RM and Suga  discuss new album on In The Soop. Watch - Hindustan Times

BTS has prodded a possible new collection during the fourth scene of their theatrical presentation In The Soop 2 which circulated on Friday. In the scene, Suga and Jungkook had some time off from resting with individual BTS individuals and uncovered they were chipping away at another melody.

In the scene, Suga requested that Jungkook go along with him at a trailer stopped external their excursion house to chip away at another tune. The rapper had changed the vehicle into a little studio where the couple worked.중국야동

As they plunked down to work, Suga told Jungkook, “Don’t feel excessively forced. We definitely need the tune.” He then, at that point, applauded him by adding, “JK tune.” Jungkook admitted, “It’s my first time composing something in nature.”

“It’s incredible. You can get so motivated here. I composed such a great amount on In The Soop,” Suga answered. In the wake of examining the track for some time, Suga gave Jungkook some space to work while he sat outside the trailer and partook in the downpour. He was before long joined by BTS pioneer RM. Suga played one of his manifestations to hear his point of view.

“Wouldn’t you say this style would be acceptable? It’s stylish,” he said before the sound was turned off so the tune was not spoilt. “However, we don’t have numerous exhibition tunes. I think we want some more,” Suga told RM, in the wake of playing the track. “We haven’t had many invigorating melodies since Idol,” he added. “We’d need to work really hard on this with the goal that it doesn’t turn out to be too antique,” the individuals examined.

The conversation left fans invigorated. A few ARMY individuals took to Twitter and shared their considerations. “BTS’ new collection is coming and the chance of it having energizing melodies like ‘icon’ flows, please I’m not prepared at this point I’m invigorated!” a fan tweeted. “Namjoon saying he adores Yoongi’s beat, and Yoongi requesting that he compose the verses. This is the reason #NamGi is the establishment of the BTS sound. They’re only probably the best artists around and I’m SO PUMPED for when that new collection drops. We’re ruling 2022 as well, ARMY,” another fan added.

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