Dora Man Charged In DUI Traffic Crash Death Of 83-year-old Military Veteran

A Dora man has been charged in the DUI car accident demise of a 83-year-old military veteran recently. George M. Pody passed on May 9, three weeks after he was harmed in a head-on crash in northern Jefferson County.

The disaster area occurred at 9:49 a.M. On Tuesday, April 15, on Forestdale Boulevard between Haven Drive and Lanewood Drive. Specialists said Pody was driving a Volkswagen Atlas when the driver of a Chevrolet Silverado veered into Pody’s path and hit him head-on.일본야동

Pody, who resided in the Birmingham region, was taken to UAB Hospital where he passed on three weeks after the fact.

As per Pody’s eulogy, he presented with the U.S. Armed force Security Agency and was a Vietnam veteran. He was subsequently utilized with U.S. Division of Justice and U. S. Division of Interior until his retirement in 2002.

Court records show George Franklin Holcombe was captured Aug. 4 on a charge of wild murder. Charging archives state he worked “an engine vehicle while affected by liquor” and slammed into Pody’s vehicle. He was delivered two days after the fact in the wake of posting $30,000 bond.

Holcombe on Tuesday deferred his right to a fundamental hearing, and District Judge William Bell sent the case to the fantastic jury. The $30,000 bond was considered deficient, and Holcombe was reserved once again into the Jefferson County Jail where he stays held without bond.

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