Bella Hadid, Bretman Rock Dazzle In Michael Kors’ New Campaign

Michael Kors has disclosed its new Holiday 2021 advertisement crusade for Michael Kors and Michael Kors Mens, shot via Sean Thomas, with video by Shane Sigler, and featuring a ritzy cast including Michael Kors, Bella Hadid, Bretman Rock, Lori Harvey and Tina Leung. 한국야동

Shot on the spot at the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport and at The Skylark roof relax, the mission catches the jetset stylish and simple allure of Bella Hadid and companions as they excursion to New York City to spend special times of year and celebrate the New Year together.From plane to landing area to a sparkling occasion party facilitated by Michael, each picture epitomizes the warm, euphoric soul of special times of year, just as the many reasons we love New York.

“This Christmas season, we truly needed to catch the core of special times of year: going to celebrate with the friends and family we’ve missed so a lot,” says Michael Kors. “Also, what preferable method for doing that over by sharing rich gifts and hitting the town, looking astounding while you’re in a hurry? We as a whole merit some additional delight, love, and style this season.”

The mission features a flexible scope of smoothed out looks, from smooth weave dresses to cool isolates in a range of natural neutrals, dynamic tints, and stunning silver-and-dark accents. Key purses for the season incorporate the Karlie bag, Greenwich crossbody sack, SoHo shoulder pack, and Hamilton Legacy travel bag. Steel subtleties, logo taping, and high-sparkle studs inject them with a cutting edge meets-exemplary Kors advance.

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