A Day Of Firsts On Day 3 Of The 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam

Day 3 of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam formally stopped the 2021 World Judo Tour. Looking forward to the following year, IJF President Marius Vizer and HE Mr Battulga Khaltmaa, Former President of Mongolia, and President of the Mongolian Judo Association, marked the agreement for the Mongolian Grand Slam, formally taking Ulaanbaatar back to the World Judo Tour! 무료야동

This last day likewise left a mark on the world for some, bringing loads of first Grand Slam titles. In the 100kg last Mongolia’s Odkhuu was facing Vladut Romania’s Simionescu. In a nearby battled challenge it was Odkhuu who delivered a snapshot of enchantment with only 29 seconds remaining, acquiring him his first Grand Slam title of all time.

Mr Marius Vizer, President of the International Judo Federation granted the awards. In the under 90kg class, Russia’s Mansur Lorsanov tied down his position in the last gratitude to this Ashi Waza strategy. There, he would take a strategic triumph, winning him his first Grand Slam title.

The decorations were granted by the President of the International Swimming Federation, Mr Husain Al Musallam. Our lady of the day is Emma Reid of Great Britain. As the victor of the – 78kg, she procured her spot in the last gratitude to this huge Ippon.

In the last she confronted Germany’s Boehm, and her Ippon in Golden score would see Reid proceed with the topic of the day, of first Grand Slam titles. HE Aref Alawani, General Secretary of the Abu Dhabi Sport Council was available to grant the awards.

“With me it’s something major with regards to conviction, and fearlessness,” says Reid. “Along these lines, this will truly help me in 2022 and the beginning of capability in May. No doubt it will be great!” In the under 100kg contest, Arman Adamian of Russia was ablaze morning, noon and night.

In the last, he would win successful over his colleague Matvey Kanikovskiy. Faking the assault twice into Ura Nage got the Ippon and his second Grand Slam title of the year, making him our man of the day. He was granted his decorations by HE Eissa Hilal, Chairman of Sharjah Sport Council.

“I’m extremely drained so I will fly home currently, enjoy my days off with my family and see my folks. To make it additional extraordinary, today’s mom’s day, and I devote this decoration to her!” At the female over 78kg it was Brazil’s Beatriz Souza who might complete on top. A booming Ippon in the semi-last from Beatriz Souza would see her facing France’s Fontaine in the battle for gold.

She made a big difference for her force and scored an early Waza-ari, which was sufficient to see out the battle and take her ahead of everyone else title. Mr Stephan Fox, Vice President of the Global Association of International Sports Federations and President of AIMS, granted Souza her gold. Our move of the day was by Balyevskyy of Ukraine, with this amazing foot clear, getting his adversary off guard.

Toward the finish of the opposition, the IJF President Marius Vizer by and by said thanks to the United Arab Emirates for their superb neighborliness, granting director of the UAE Wrestling and Judo Federation, HE Mohamed Bin Thaeloub Alderee, with a one of a kind container from Herend Porcelain. In only half a month time, 2022 will show up, welcoming every one of us to plan for the intriguing contests that will come one year from now, just as the kickoff of the Paris capability period.

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