Ilkley Film Society Opens Second Half Of Its Season With French Drama

ILKLEY Film Society opens the final part of its season with the exceptional French dramatization Portrait Of A Lady On Fire on Sunday, January 9 (8pm at Ilkley Playhouse).

Champ of two honors at Cannes, chief/author Celine Sciamma’s outwardly bewitching film happens on an island in Brittany toward the finish of the eighteenth century where craftsman Marianne shows up to complete a commission to paint a representation of Heloise, a young lady who is to be offered to an Italian aristocrat without wanting to.

As Heloise has already and more than once wouldn’t sit for a representation by different craftsmen, Marianne needs to utilize ploy to satisfy the commission, acting like an employed buddy and utilizing outside strolls to retain Heloise’s highlights to paint them covertly.료야동사이트

With exceptional exhibitions from Noemie Merlant and Adele Haenel the film forms into an extraordinary and tormenting story which stays long in the memory. Every one of the open air scenes were shot on the spot on the Quiberon promontory in Brittany.

Non-individuals are welcome as visitors yet should telephone Dave Howell on 01943 430097 to save tickets. As per current guidelines and Playhouse strategy, facial coverings should be worn.

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