Lebanon Police Searching For Suspects Accused Of Break-in At Car Dealership

The Lebanon Police Department is requesting that the public assist with distinguishing two presumes blamed for taking vehicles on Dec. 26.

As indicated by a Facebook post from the police, the suspects broke into the Cincinnati Automotive Group situated on the 700 square of Columbus Avenue.무료야동

Police said that two vehicles were taken in the break-in: a 2019 yellow Camaro and a 2016 red Dodge Charger.

The Cincinnati Automotive Group likewise posted with regards to the occurrence, saying that the suspects additionally took the keys to three different vehicles at the showroom. Those three vehicles are as yet in the showroom’s ownership, read the post.

As indicated by photographs given by the police, one suspect is wearing a dark pullover with dim composition across the chest alongside a yellow-stripped facial covering. The other suspect has all the earmarks of being wearing a dark pullover with red lettering across the chest, a white facial covering and an orange cap.

Enquirer media accomplice Fox19 revealed Monday that the showroom is offering a $5,000 award for help in distinguishing the suspects.

This article initially showed up on Cincinnati Enquirer: Lebanon Police searching for suspects later break-in at vehicle sales center.

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