GOT7’s BamBam unveils a dreamy tracklist with double title tracks for his upcoming album ‘B’

BamBam concept photos

On January 8, ABYSS COMPANY delivered the tracklist for his impending collection ‘B’ and we are incredibly eager to see him in front of an audience once more! He has added an aggregate of 6 tracks with ‘Who Are You’ including Red Velvet’s Seulgi and ‘Slow Mo’ as title tracks. Different tracks are called ‘Introduction (Satellites)’, ‘Subconscious’, ‘Let me love you’ and ‘Ride or Die’.무료야동사이트

He recently uncovered the delivery date of the collection with a banner. The title banner shows BamBam wearing a blue coat on a yellow foundation, making a more splendid environment. Rather than the highly contrasting idea introduced in the free single ‘Who Are You’ delivered toward the finish of last year, it grabs the attention much more. The collection will be delivered on January 8. BamBam, who came to perceive one more self through ‘Who Are You’, is animating interest in what sort of story will be contained in this second little collection ‘B’.

BamBam came to South Korea from Thailand and longed for turning into a K-pop artist at a youthful age, appeared with GOT7 in 2014 and has been adored internationally. Last year, he joined ABYSS COMPANY and delivered his first independent smaller than normal collection ‘Lace’, in which he partook recorded as a hard copy and creating the whole melody, showing the side of a developing craftsman.

BamBam showed his potential as an independent artist by recording significant outcomes like outperforming 100,000 in collection deals with his first small scale collection, #1 on iTunes collection diagrams in 34 areas, and outperforming 60 million perspectives for the music video.

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