Louis Vuitton Gives Its Signature Handbags A Denim Update

Louis Vuitton is starting off 2022 with refreshed cycles of its famous satchels. Outlines, for example, the Onthego, Speedy, Loop and Dauphine are given a denim makeover, diverting the nostalgic ’00s stylish. 실시간야동

The Speedy pack is shrouded in denim material, which is stood out from the LV monogram design in white everywhere. The plan is featured with brilliant equipment on the zipper, while apparent indigo handles balance the look. The topic is progressed forward the Loop pack that accompanies a separable chain tie, just as the Dauphine including white topstitched subtleties.

Peep the denim-shrouded things through the display above. The Monogram Jacquard Denim assortments are presently accessible at Louis Vuitton stores. The Nano Speedy, Zippy wallet and Micro Pochette embellishments additionally show up in pink, while the Petit Noe, Square Bag, Dauphine Mini, Petite Malle and Nano Speedy are offered only in China.

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