BTS’ SUGA Reaches THIS Record Number Of Followers On Global Music Streaming Platform Spotify

BTS’ SUGA has been flourishing with four critical achievements under 20 days into 2022! BTS’ rapper-maker brags of 1 million devotees on Spotify with his SUGA profile, where his unique structures and remixes can be found. His melodies as a component and with remixes arrived at an aggregate of 500 million streams a week ago.

Nonetheless, SUGA is his second profile to outperform 1 million adherents. His stage name, Agust D, has currently north of 7 million devotees, as of January 8. A day prior, Agust D arrived at 650 million streams on his discography with his two mixtapes on Spotify ‘Agust D’ (2016) and ‘D-2’ (2020). 무료야동

In the mean time, BTS individuals are absorbing the gigantic reaction they have been getting for their webtoon ‘7 Fates: CHAKHO’. Before the arrival of the webtoon, it was uncovered that ‘7Fates: CHAKHO’ will have a signature melody ‘STAY ALIVE’, created by, in all honesty, SUGA, with vocals by BTS’ brilliant voiced performer Jungkook.

The much-anticipated track is set to debut through Naver Webtoon on February 5, 2022, at 11 am KST (7:30 am IST). Following this, ‘Remain ALIVE’ will be accessible on all advanced streaming stages on February 11, 2022, at 2 pm KST (10:20 am IST).

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