BTS’s ‘My Universe’ Is The Fifth-Longest-Charting Hot 100 Hit Of All Time By A K-Pop Act

MyUniverseNo1onHot100: Here are the Historic Milestones BTS Achieved on  Billboard with 'My Universe' | KpopStarz

Last week, it appeared as though BTS and Coldplay’s hit single “My Universe” was going to tumble off the Hot 100, Billboard’s week by week positioning of the most-consumed tunes in the U.S. The tune cratered from No. 54 to No. 94, almost leaving the count totally. Presently, it’s acquired a touch of ground, and by showing up on the count by any means, it has proceeded with its noteworthy series of wins.

“My Universe” has now burned through 17 weeks on the Hot 100, making it one of the best five longest-outlining tunes ever by a South Korean melodic demonstration. Truth be told, it’s presently alone in fifth spot, as of late procuring this particular and decent spot in the set of experiences books. 실시간야동

Right now, BTS likewise ends up guaranteeing the longest-showing hit in Hot 100 history to a K-pop demonstration. The band’s “Explosive” once spent an incredible 32 weeks on the sweeping positioning, beating the past record-holder by only one edge. That tune appeared at No. 1 back in 2020, giving the septet their first chief, and it hung on for quite a long time, turning into an uncommon radio, streaming and deals crush by a South Korean demonstration.

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