Coach Steve Nash says Brooklyn Nets are not trading James Harden

NO! We are NOT trading James Harden!”: Nets head coach Steve Nash bluntly  squashes trade rumours regarding the Brooklyn superstar guard ahead of the  NBA Trade deadline - The SportsRush

DENVER – – The Brooklyn Nets don’t plan to exchange James Harden preceding Thursday’s NBA exchange cutoff time. Nets mentor Steve Nash made that reasonable before Sunday’s down against the Denver Nuggets as Harden’s name keeps on springing up in exchange theory.실시간야동

“I’ve conversed with James; he needs to be in the vicinity,” Nash said. “He needs to be here long haul too, so I believe nothing’s changed other than commotion from an external perspective. James needs to be in the vicinity, we’re working with James and we think we have the most obvious opportunity to win with James. I believe nothing’s different within, in our storage space, in our correspondence, it’s simply all the clamor from the [outside].”

After Harden turned down a three-year, $161 million augmentation in the offseason, he has four choices accessible to him after this season, as ESPN’s Bobby Marks notes. The first is he could practice his $47.4 million player choice for next season – – and reach out for an extra four years and $222.8 million with the Nets. In the event that he decreases his player choice, he can sign a five-year manage the Nets worth $269.8 million, basically a similar figure as the main choice.

The third choice is that assuming Harden decreases his player choice, he can sign a four-year, $200 million agreement with a group that has cap space. As Marks brings up, the main groups projected to have that sort of room are the Detroit Pistons, the Orlando Magic and the San Antonio Spurs.

The last choice, if Harden somehow happened to conclude he needed to go to a particular group, is practice his player choice and afterward sign the four-year, $222.8 million expansion a half year after an exchange is finished.

A significant part of the association theory regarding this situation fixates on a potential gathering with Daryl Morey, who was head supervisor during Harden’s experience with the Houston Rockets and who is presently leader of b-ball tasks for the Philadelphia 76ers. This would not hard cap the Sixers and it would permit the Nets to reclaim players in an arrangement, Marks notes.

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