Ananya Panday is living the hot February life with a red mini halter-neck dress: 

Ananya Panday is living the hot February life with a red mini halter-neck dress: Yay or Nay?

Is it true or not that you are one of the people who trusted that February will help you to remember red? We are somewhat excessively fixated on this shade throughout the entire year and excessively much in December and this month.

With a shading as striking as this one, there’s no way for a miss when you go shading yourself in this. Is this the month loaded with dates? Style divas, cheer now! Valid, we can’t get enough of red, and here’s a motivation that will not get deleted from your memory.성인사진

Assuming you’re needing a hot young lady vibe, say no more! Counting down to the arrival of Gehraiyaan? Ananya Panday and the group are bringing a remarkable treat-filled undertaking to the table with their limited time outfits. Basically, she’s set the bar high once more. Styled by Lakshmi Lehr, the 23-year-old entertainer wore a red dress with a bridle neck that had a keyhole detail put shut.

As it hit up the hot young lady symbol, it further resembled a take in light of the bodycon fit and the numerous layered folds. From the abdomen, here’s a little show that makes it a not-your-normal red dress with the dark zipper detail and cascade that together brought an additional component of an unbalanced stitch. To coordinate to her outfit with that of her footwear, this small scale dress was closed down with dark trim up stilettos adorned with gold subtleties.

Ananya’s colored hair was brushed into a side-parcel and her eyebrows were characterized conveniently. Her eyelashes stuck out, on account of mascara and a dazzling peach lipstick that bore a silk finish, this large number of settled on us decision it a ‘lewk’.

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