BTS’ Jungkook becomes first Korean soloist to achieve THIS on India’s IMI International Top 20 Singles Chart

‘Remain Alive’, the signature tune for BTS’ webtoon ‘7Fates: CHAKHO’ was delivered on February 11, and from that point forward, the SUGA-delivered, Jungkook-sung OST has not exclusively been breaking records yet has additionally been making various new ones!

With ‘Stay Alive’, Jungkook has now turned into the solitary Korean soloist to enter the Top 3 on India’s IMI International Top 20 Singles Chart.조개모아

Entering the graph for the week finishing on February 21, BTS’ Jungkook’s track presently holds the most elevated presentation and top for a Korean soloist, coming in at number 3.

Following BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s ‘LALISA’, and BTS’ V’s OST ‘Christmas Tree’ – which both appeared at number 6, ‘Remain Alive’ turns into the third generally track by a Korean soloist to make a big appearance inside the Top 10 of the graph.

Moreover, ‘Remain Alive’ likewise holds numerous records on Spotify India, turning into the greatest presentation by a Korean soloist, the greatest first-week debut by a Korean soloist, as well as the primary Korean soloist to enter the Top 5 of Spotify India. The track has additionally appeared on Spotify’s Top Weekly Songs Charts from one side of the planet to the other, entering the outline in north of 50 nations generally speaking.

Jungkook’s ‘Stay Alive (Prod. SUGA)’ has likewise appeared at number 1 on Spotify’s Weekly Top K-Pop Global Chart, at number 9 on Spotify’s Weekly Top Pop Global Chart, and furthermore accomplished the most noteworthy presentation of the week on the Spotify Weekly Global Chart for the seven day stretch of February 11 to 17, with over 18.8 million separated streams. This, yet the track has additionally recorded the greatest introduction day and week for an Asian soloist on Spotify Global.

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