Pooja Hegde drops stunning PIC in blue suit on Mahashivratri; Fans say ‘Queen of million hearts’

Entertainer Pooja Hegde needs no presentation. There is no rejecting that she is one of the most famous and most active entertainers in Tollywood and Bollywood. The entertainer is an ardent online media client and partakes in an enormous fan following.

She never passes on a second to make her fans go all awestruck with her heavenly magnificence. As the country observed Mahashivratri, famous people overwhelmed online media with shocking pictures. To join the temporary fad, Pooja Hegde too shared a delightful photograph on Instagram.일본야동

In the photograph, Pooja was wearing a wonderful blue shading suit set. She finished her look with jhumkas and juttis. With inconspicuous cosmetics and open braids, the entertainer looked each inch delightful. Pooja imparted the wonderful photograph to sanctuaries in foundation from Kashi Vishwanath.

While sharing the photo, she stated, “Om Namah Shivaya May we be pretty much as furious as Lord Shiva with regards to our fantasies and as kindhearted as Him with regards to absolution.” As soon she made the post, her fans went off the deep end about her staggering look. A fan remarked, “Sovereign of million hearts.” Other well-wishers too dropped red heart emojis.

On the work front, Pooja will be next seen in Radhe Shyam alongside Prabhas. The second trailer of the film will deliver on March 02 at 3 pm. The main trailer of the sci-fiction was praised by the fans as it took them on a marvelous excursion loaded up with affection. The science of the leads got everyone’s attention in the primary look from the film. The trailer indicated that ‘Radhe Shyam’ will be an interesting romantic tale with a grasping secret.

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