‘Jeopardy!’ contestant removes wig to destigmatize cancer recovery

“Danger!” hopeful Christine Whelchel has been contending on the well known TV game show since last week yet it wasn’t simply her triumphant exhibitions that have been catching watchers’ consideration.

The piano educator and church organist from Spring Hill, Tennessee, showed up without a light earthy colored hairpiece during Monday’s episode and disclosed why she needed to do as such during a Q-and-A with have Ken Jennings.중국야동

“After the rewards, I concluded that I didn’t have to take cover behind a hairpiece any longer and I needed to standardize what malignant growth recuperation resembles,” Whelchel said.

Whelchel clarified in a prior Q-and-A last week that she had been determined to have bosom disease a year prior. Not long after finding out with regards to her conclusion, she said she chose to take a shot and take the “Peril!” test, the initial phase in getting on to the game show. Whelchel additionally said she is as of now malignant growth free.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, balding or alopecia is a typical result of some malignant growth medicines like chemotherapy. After Whelchel was included as the Play of the Day on “Great Morning America” Tuesday, co-anchor Robin Roberts referenced that disease patients who wear hairpieces don’t constantly do as such for themselves.

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