Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s daughter once asked Obama to put her mom on the high court

High Court candidate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s little girl once wrote a letter to then-President Barack Obama mentioning he assign her mother for a seat on the Supreme Court.

Leila, who was a 11-year-old center schooler in 2016, composed the letter promoting the certifications of her mom following the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. Jackson was serving on the U.S. Region Court of Washington, D.C. at that point.조개모아

“I might want to add my mom, Ketanji Brown Jackson of the District Court, to the rundown,” Leila composed, alluding to Obama’s waitlist of possible candidates.

“Not entirely set in stone, genuine, and never breaks a guarantee to anybody, regardless of whether there are different things she’d prefer do,” the letter peruses. “She can show responsibility, and is faithful and never gloats.”

Jackson read the whole letter resoundingly in a 2017 discourse and recounts the story around it and how she initially disclosed to her little girl the most common way of turning into an equity.

Obama wound up choosing Merrick Garland to fill the opening, yet Senate Republicans combined to hold hearings on the now-principal legal officer, passing on the seat to be filled by President Donald Trump, who selected Justice Neil Gorsuch.

It required an additional six years for President Joe Biden, who filled in as Obama’s VP when Leila sent her letter, to reach the very resolution that Brown “would make an extraordinary Supreme Court Justice, regardless of whether the responsibility will be bigger.”

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