Breonna Taylor’s mother urges DOJ to charge officers two years after her daughter’s death

Two years after Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by police in her Louisville, Kentucky home, her mom met with authorities at the Department of Justice, encouraging government charges against the officials engaged with her girl’s demise.

“The main thing is to recollect that Breonna didn’t merit this,” her mom, Tamika Palmer, told columnists on Monday following the gathering with Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke and lawyers in the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division. “She was at home, in her own home disapproving of her business when these individuals kicked in her entryway and killed her.”실시간야동

“We would rather not need to come here the following year this time regardless not have choices made,” Crump said.

“You need to consider it according to the viewpoint of the Black people group. There are charges brought against us for significantly less, so we trust that they are similarly as energetic in holding these cops who killed Breonna Taylor responsible,” he added.

Following the question and answer session, which occurred external the National Council of Negro Women in Washington, D.C., the family, joined by backers and pioneers in the Black Lives Matter development, strolled to the DOJ to hand-convey 18,000 marks from individuals, requiring the officials to be considered responsible.

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