Former Trump personal assistant appears before Jan. 6 committee

Previous President Donald Trump’s own collaborator in the White House, Nick Luna, showed up essentially on Monday before the House select board of trustees examining the Jan. 6 Capitol assault, various sources.

Luna, who filled in as Trump’s body man in the West Wing, was at first summoned by the panel in November. He was allowed a short delay in December yet recently drew in with the council before Monday’s virtual appearance.조개모아

The board said Luna was with the previous president on Jan. 6, and was close by when Trump called previous Vice President Mike Pence that morning and encouraged Pence not to affirm the consequences of the 2020 political decision.

In a new lawful documenting that referred to talk with records, official records and messages, the board contended that Trump was more than once told by associates and partners that he lost the political race, and proposed that he was purposely spreading unverified cases of misrepresentation a charge that could have suggestions for a possible crook body of evidence against Trump from now on.

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