Biden makes ‘no apologies’ for saying Putin ‘cannot remain in power’

President Joe Biden seemed to need to the two different ways when he handled a torrent of inquiries Monday posing to him to explain his remark that Russian President Vladimir Putin “can’t stay in power.”

Biden who offered the obviously unscripted remark in Poland on Saturday took inquiries from correspondents Monday evening at an occasion uncovering his most recent financial plan proposition, which incorporates $6.9 billion to assist Ukraine with battling Russian hostility.한국야동

The main inquiry to Biden was: “Do you accept what you said, that Putin can’t stay in power, or do you presently lament saying that? Since your administration has been attempting to walk that back, did your words confuse matters?”

“Number one, I’m not strolling anything back. The truth is I was communicating the ethical shock I felt toward the manner in which Putin is managing and the demonstrations of this man just – – severity, a large portion of the youngsters in Ukraine. I had quite recently come from being with those families, thus – – however I need to make it understood, I wasn’t then nor am I presently articulating an approach change. I was communicating the ethical shock that I feel, and I make no conciliatory sentiments for it,” Biden said.

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