11 shot, 1 fatally, at concert in Dallas: Police

The episode happened a few hours before one more mass shooting broke out in midtown Sacramento, California, in which six individuals were killed and no less than 10 others were harmed. Dallas police said agents are attempting to recognize the suspect or suspects in the show shooting, however nobody had been arrested starting at Sunday evening.성인사진

“A fundamental examination established that at the occasion, one individual shot a firearm out of sight, then one more obscure individual discharged a weapon in the group’s heading,” the Dallas Police Department said in a proclamation.

The individual killed was recognized by police as 26-year-old Kealon Dejuane Gilmore. Police said Gilmore was observed lying close to the stage with a discharge twisted to the head and was articulated dead at the scene.

Eleven others were harmed in the shooting and taken to emergency clinics in private vehicles. One of the casualties was in basic condition while the others were in stable condition, police said.

The shooting broke out around 12:13 a.m. at a scene in south Dallas. Police said the shooting happened at an occasion charged as a path ride and show.

The shooting happened at the show that should be featured by Big Boogie, a rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. A notification posted on the performer’s Instagram page said the shooting happened before Big Boogie showed up at the scene, as indicated by ABC member station WFAA in Dallas.

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