Sienna Miller Says Filming Her New Series Has Been Like Reliving Jude Law’s Affair

Sienna Miller is cheerful as ever at 40: She’s dealing with another Netflix show, renovating her home, and assuming responsibility for her womanhood. Yet, her huge series job as Sophie Whitehouse is bringing back a few dim recollections.

Talking with ELLE UK, the entertainer, who was brought into the world in the United States and brought up in London, said that playing Sophie in Anatomy of a Scandal has been similar to remembering one of the most ridiculously agonizing times in her day to day existence: when then life partner Jude Law engaged in extramarital relations with his youngsters’ caretaker. 중국야동

Sophie is the spouse of an individual from parliament, whose world is flipped around after her significant other is blamed for assault by a partner with whom he’d had an unsanctioned romance. The six-section series-a variation of the novel by Sarah Vaughan-resolves issues of assent, poisonous manliness, and honor, yet it is additionally a weighty job for Miller, who sadly can relate very well to her personality.

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