Johnny Depp testimony continues in defamation suit against Amber Heard

Entertainer Johnny Depp told members of the jury Monday he was “embarrassed” to hear private texts read resoundingly last week during a double criticism preliminary which sets himself in opposition to ex Amber Heard.

Those texts, as well as accounts and a small bunch of photos, are being utilized by Heard’s lawful group to depict Depp as a rough homegrown victimizer who was limped by an unquenchable hunger for alcohol and medications during their almost two years of marriage.중국야동

The previous couple is suing each other in a Fairfax, Virginia, court. A 2018 commentary composed by Heard in the Washington Post proposes she was deceived by Depp, despite the fact that she never indicates him by name. It provoked a $50 million claim by Depp, trailed by a $100 million countersuit by Heard. Monday opened the third seven day stretch of the preliminary.

Depp portrayed Heard as envious of Bettany for their cozy relationship and compared the entertainer to his mom, Betty Sue Palmer, who purportedly loudly and actually manhandled him during his life as a youngster. Heard, he said, “was very much aware of my past, my young life, and thusly was exceptionally adroit at realizing which buttons to push.” He said he felt “upbraided and decided” all through their relationship, particularly as he attempted to wean himself off drugs.

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