Timeline: How a murder suspect escaped an Alabama jail

Various policing are proceeding with their quest for a homicide suspect who got away from an Alabama prison by clearly pretending an excursion to the town hall with a prison guard, as per specialists.

Vicki White, the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office associate chief, was most recently seen accompanying detainee Casey White to the neighborhood town hall on Friday morning for an “asserted emotional well-being assessment,” Sheriff Rick Singleton told correspondents on Saturday. The two are not related, the sheriff said.무료야동

Casey White, 38, was captured in 2020 and accused of two counts of capital homicide that specialists said was a homicide for employ for a situation that went cold for almost five years, AL.com announced at that point.

“Signs are” that Vicki White, who has worked for the sheriff’s office for a long time, aided the departure, however it is indistinct whether she did so eagerly or on the other hand assuming Casey White constrained her into doing as such “by compromising her and additionally her family or different means,” the sheriff’s office said in a proclamation.

Examiners are looking for any recording that can reveal insight into what occurred and are additionally searching through Casey White’s calls and investigating the past connections among him and Vicki White to decide if the departure was planned, Singleton said.

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